Mistress Miranda

Little would you know that the smile I wear is only seen when I’m plotting new ways to seduce your mind and corrupt your soul.

Curious about me?

Come and find out what it’s like to be shackled by your own kinks; a prisoner to your own perversions. You don’t want to escape. You’d rather writhe in my cage, watching me swallow the key to your freedom.

You’re food from the very moment you see me: your predator, with eyes deep enough for you to slip into, falling into a black world, filled with mouth-watering, forbidden desire.

Welcome to your home away from home. My carnival of kink, where my ferris wheel takes you from your lowest points to the highest of euphoria.

I treat my slaves like puzzles that need to be pieced together, then broken apart, only to be reassembled again. It’s a treat figuring you out, only to exploit and reshape you to my liking. Rules are meant to be broken.

And so are you.

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